Red Pepper, when gone bad gives a great texture that is wonderful to record in clay. To be touched and admired for decades to come.

The shape makes clients use the vessel mainly as a vase or a herb pot.

Size: 15x10cm

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Rotten Beauty

The pieces are made by using rotten fruits.
Casting them helped the artist capture and save their extraordinary textures just at the time when they are the most beautiful. Designing and manipulating the shape slightly by creating proper edges helped the very different shapes come together beautifully into a coherent collection.The use of ceramics enhances the fragility and preciousness of the textures. At the same time making the vessel hygenic and usable. To really show off the textures the pieces have often been shaded with complementing color gradients, creating an iridescent color illusion when moved up and down. The Collection consists of large jackfruit, watermelon, pumpkin, red pepper and a small mango.The project came alive first on 2011 as a part of a graduation process. It was re-newed on 2014. All the products are cast with 50 percent recycled material and finished off with the finest quality.