Interior setting and styling for Askala. Image by Renee Altrov





Roseni project for Mobalpa Kitchens





Project with Merle Reier
Project for Mobalpa Kitchens. Design with Merle Reier
Small Black House interior project 2012 with Kersti Margus
Tehnopol offices kitchen area. In the making 2023 
Nord Property Interior design 2018
Air Bnb apartment design 2019
Tehnopol Interior design.

Interior project. Hem







Project for Enterior Partner OÜ. Project designed with Merle Reier





Cafeteria interior. Upcoming





Interior project for Poordi 3.






Kitchen Design. Mobalpa Eesti OÜ





Shisha Bar. Old town. With Galina Kononenkova. Upcoming.

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